Advantages and disadvantages of handheld 3D scanners and fixed 3D scanners


3D scanners can also be divided into handheld and fixed types. Nowadays, many people are interested in handheld 3D scanners. Next we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of (handheld and fixed) 3D scanners.


       Advantages of handheld 3D scanners

         1, the scanning method is free

The first feature of the handheld 3D scanner is that the scanning method is free. Without calibration, it can be opened out of the box. It is more flexible to say that you want to sweep the object directly by hand.

         2, the scanning range is relatively wide

         Since the scanning method is relatively free, a large object can be scanned, and a part of a large object can be split and scanned, and then spliced to obtain a complete three-dimensional model.

         3, more widely used

         Due to the freedom of scanning and the advantages of scanning range, it can fully demonstrate its advantages in 3D scanners of large objects. Common industries include: automotive industry, aircraft industry, furniture industry, and even virtual fitting industry.

        The advantages of fixed 3D scanners

         1, high precision

             Because it is a fixed scan, the stability of scanning at the same price is definitely better than that of handheld, and the accuracy of scanning is relatively high.

         2, cost-effective

         If the object to be scanned is relatively small, the fixed 3D scanner is generally much more expensive than the handheld 3D scanner.

       Disadvantages of handheld 3D scanners

         1, low precision

         The same-priced 3D scanner is certainly less accurate than the fixed type in terms of accuracy. Since the fixed 3D scanner is structured light, the camera-type 3D scanner scans the data more delicately.

         2, the price is high

         As mentioned earlier, hand-held 3D scanners are used in industry and the price is very high. So if the fixed 3D scanner can be completed, don't buy a handheld one. The price is usually high. It should be several times higher or dozens of times higher.

        Disadvantages of fixed 3D scanners

         1, the shape is relatively large

         Fixed scanners have a large form factor in the same city. Usually, you need to connect the power supply to the computer to work (you need to link a lot of lines), while the handheld 3D scanner does not need an external power supply. It is also used outdoors or in a place without power. Convenience.

         2, need to be calibrated before scanning

         Fixed 3D scanners need to be calibrated each time a new object is scanned before it can be scanned.

Through the above simple introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the disadvantages of handheld 3D scanners and fixed 3D scanners, then you need to choose which type you want according to your needs.