Features and advantages of Hummingbird handheld 3D scanner


The Hummingbird Handheld 3D Scanner is a non-contact structured light hybrid 3D scanner. The 3D scanner is ergonomically designed for easy handheld operation and is compatible with a tripod for fixed scanning. The Hummingbird Handheld 3D Scanner is a portable 3D scanner that can be used to capture 3D data from the surface of a subject using a hand-held scan. It is a common scanner in 3D scanners. It is used to detect and analyze the shape (geometry) and appearance data (such as color, surface albedo, etc.) of objects or environments in the real world. The collected data is often used for 3D reconstruction calculations in virtual worlds. Create a digital model of the actual object.


The Hummingbird handheld 3D scanner detects every detail and provides high resolution. Provides unparalleled precision for generating 3D object images. The new batch triangulation device maintains higher resolution when needed while maintaining a larger triangular mesh on the plane, resulting in a smaller STL file format. The user can switch between normal and high resolution scan modes using the buttons installed on the top of the device. Normal resolution is useful for large parts and dynamic scanning, while high resolution is dedicated to demanding, complex surfaces without the need for additional tracking or positioning equipment. Innovative positioning target technology allows users to move in any way and angle according to their needs. The object being measured. Portable equipment: can be loaded into a suitcase, carried to the job site or transferred between factories. Competitive, no need to connect CMM scanning arms or other external tracking devices, and the cost of maintenance is extremely low. It can be used in any small size, and can scan objects of any size, shape and color.