Some basic settings of the handheld scanner


Handheld Scanner Settings Here we mainly analyze the scanner settings manual to complete those scanner functions, and put the depiction of the barcode scanner settings through the PC software in other links.


        1. Restore factory settings. This setting is the most important setting in the handheld scanner setup. Barcode scanner problems (such as the inability to read barcodes) under normal conditions can be handled by this barcode scanner setting.

        2. The prefix and suffix of the barcode data are added. In some bar code applications, requesting to read the uploaded bar code data has a certain prefix and suffix to conform to some functions of the system. After the bar code scanner is set, the bar code scanner can be stopped to add the prefix and suffix.

        3. The bit number of the barcode data is set. In some bar code applications, it is requested to read the uploaded bar code data to delete the first few characters or the last few characters to conform to some functions of the system. After the bar code scanner is set, the bar code scanner can stop the deletion of the character digits locally. .

        4. Handheld scanner serial communication production settings. After the barcode scanner is set, it is necessary to stop the correction of the serial port parameters, such as baud rate, parity, stop bit, data bit, handshake protocol, and so on.

        5. Barcode scanner scan form settings. At present, the quality bar code scanner can have a variety of scanning methods, such as manual button scanning, light constant scanning, light flashing scanning, self-inductive barcode scanning, and can be set through this barcode scanner. Stop switching between forms.

        6. Barcode scanner code system setting. In order to speed up its decoding speed, the bar code scanner often stops locking for some supported bar code codes. The scanner cannot read the acquiescence state. If you encounter this type of locked bar code in practice, you can set it through this bar code scanner. , stop code system for quick and convenient opening.

        7. Barcode Scanner Interface Type Settings. When the barcode scanner stops the change of the interface data line, the barcode scanner can be set to stop the conversion of the interface form, so that the barcode scanner can be normally used in the interface form.

        8. Handheld scanner buzzer settings. When the barcode scanner is used alternately in a noisy environment and in a quiet environment, it can be controlled by the barcode scanner to stop the scanning sound of the barcode scanner, so as to better suit the environment.